Dear All,
Finally, my new album is out!

This album is very special to me. It is about people who move me. Some stories are my own, others are from far away, but they all strike a chord in me. Like when I saw a photo of the elderly Korean couple who had lived apart for so many years. Every day, every single day and at least a thousand times, they sent to the other a promise of love. This is how I found the album’s title, “For You a Thousand Times”.

During my travels, I have used my phone to record soundscapes for the songs: The coconut salesman singing his sales pitch. My own footsteps in the snow on a cold, Norwegian winter’s night. Little Jonah, my adoptive son, talking during the first period in Ethiopia. He has his own song on the album.

My meeting with Africa was powerful in every way: The poverty, the pride, and the music within its people. And the song “It’s Gonna Rain” is an homage to African mothers who awaits the rain after the long drought.
This song is for SOS Children’s Villages and their work for children. I’ve been an ambassador for this organisation for more than ten years, and I hope this song can put focus on the drought that millions of children and their families are experiencing right now. The drought in parts of Africa is the worst humanitarian crisis since the second world war. 20 million people are struggling for their lives. Nearly half a million children under five years are seriously malnourished. This song is my way to put sound on the quiet drought.

On the album “For You a Thousand Times” I have collected powerful imagery in moments and made them into songs. Small stories about bigger issues. Several of the songs are about us being in circumstances beyond our control, like war, poverty, and personal losses. Perhaps this sounds sad, but what inspires me is the strength, the pride and the celebration of life of the people in these stories!


© Silje Nergaard 2017

All rights reserved