Hello everyone!

Norwegian winter is still cold, but beautiful and white. Currently we are touring in Norway and the winter view from the tourbus is very beautiful. 
It feels great to start the new year playing concerts ,and the band is really getting it together…the new songs are turning out to be really cool live!
We also play older songs from my musical catalogue, and I realize I have written a lot of songs..hard to pick out the right ones.. Luckily the old ones sound fresh and new; “When Judy Falls”..she is funkier than ever, and “While You Were Gone”- it is really groovy! My ballad “Dance me Love” is also back on the list. I know many of my listeners really appreciate that one.
I am very proud of my new band, the musicians are world class:
Audun Erlien - bass, Andreas Ulvo - keyboards and Wetle Holte on drums. 
We will soon come and play in Holland, Germany and Lichtenstein.
UK, Poland and Asia is waiting to be confirmed.
Also hoping we can get back to Italy. My song Cocco Bello was born in the south of Italy and I know it has melted a few Italian hearts.

Hope to see you somewhere near by where you live - very soon.

Warm wishes - 

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