Dear everyone,

I have been delving into my composing for a while…
and I seem to forget the world around me when I work.
The new songs are finally taking shape and will be recorded this autumn.
Next year I am celebrating my 30th anniversary as an artist,
and for that special occasion I will release two new albums!

The stories and songs all began in my hometown, Hamar.
I used to wander the streets of the peaceful little Norwegian town and sing to myself….creating huge dreams. I followed those dreams and from Hamar, I travelled out into the big, wide world with my songs.
For my new album, I am writing songs and stories that all are inspired by the hometown where I grew up.

I will also give live performances this autumn. I have a wonderful new musical concept; a duo with the eminent pianist Espen Berg. He is an amazing musician.
We have carefully selected songs from my entire catalogue, resulting in a best-of concert with a collection of my best songs, including Be Still My Heart, Japanese Blue, and Tell Me Where You’re Going. We will mainly be touring in Norway and are also very excited to perform at London Jazz Festival in November!
Additionally, my band and I will do some Christmas concerts in December.

I`ll keep you posted about my projects and you will shortly get a little sneak peek into what I have been working with for my upcoming releases and my 30th anniversary celebration. It will be very exciting :)

All the best from Silje

© Silje Nergaard 2017

All rights reserved