Hello everyone!

… We`ve had the warmest summer ever here in Norway, hopefully we have had enough sun to face a dark winter.

It´s finally fall, and I am going back on tour - I am so much looking forward to this.

Thank you to everyone who attented our concerts this summer. I will never forget the Break of Dawn concert at Molde Jazz Festival 7.00 in the morning! The sun was rising behind the stage as we were playing our songs and the place was packed with early-birds ..a magic morning.

The band- Audun, Andreas and Wetle are all fantastic musicians, and they have added a cool and fresh sound to my songs.

I am also happy to announce that I will do a reunion tour with the band I played and recorded with for 8 years: Helge Lien, Jarle Vespestad and Finn Guttormsen. I am thrilled! We will do a Christmas tour in Germany, opening with one concert in Norway, Nordstand Kirke, a church in my local neighbourhood in Oslo…

I will also spend this fall composing new material. I am slowly digging up a new musical concept..

I hope to share something with you soon.

Take care- hope to see you around.


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